The changing face of talent: How you can stay ahead

Past performance is no longer an indicator of future performance

Organisations looking to fill leadership roles or cultivate a robust talent pool that is resilient and agile will reap benefits from rethinking traditional hiring metrics. Likewise, candidates should consider moving away from the notion of a linear career path, given the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in staying relevant and successful in tomorrow’s job market. And for those considering to change course, we have good news.

Hoffman’s Partners Michel Grisay, Bart Delaleeuw and Mieke Dhoore, have gathered to dive into the
why and explore forward-looking talent strategies.

Three prominent firms join forces to become a leading Belgium-based executive search group

Press Release

Three prominent firms join forces to become a leading Belgium-based executive search group to better serve their clients facing the global and business transformation challenges. Hightech Partners, Hoffman & Associates and Ataya & Partners united under HTP Group Holding.

Bringing Aboard Excellence: Leadership Recruitment Challenges in NPOs

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) face unique challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining top talents for key leadership roles. Meanwhile, candidates considering transitioning into or applying for top positions within NPOs often have misconceptions about the day-to-day realities of these roles.

Addressing these issues requires a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of both parties, and it also means looking beyond NPOs’ boundaries to find top-tier talent with the perfect blend of expertise and experience. Utilising the services of executive search firms with a proven track record in advising NPOs can help professionalise and streamline the recruitment process.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management - 2023 Global Trends Report

This 2023 Global Trends Report features input from over 100 supply chain leaders around the world. As the global healthcare industry continues to grow and evolve, the supply chain function remains in focus to capitalize on new opportunities, adapt to market changes, and address emerging risks. From supporting service plan expansions to managing costs and delivering on sustainability goals, supply chain leaders play a critical role in the success of healthcare organizations.


Where are the best leaders to guide cultural changes while securing implementation of the most efficient strategies?

At Hoffman, we firmly believe that the key to achieving lasting success and sustainable growth lies in the complex interplay between three vital organisational components: Strategy, Culture, and Leadership. In essence, the leader of an organisation is the one at the wheel, with the strategy charting the course towards the intended destination, and the culture fueling progress towards the goal. Our latest article showcases perspectives from our partners, Denis Gallant and Stefaan Verduyn, who provide a multidimensional approach to guiding the executive search and finding the perfect match with the right combination of skills and values.

New EU Directive on Pay Transparency


This EU Directive adopted on March 30, 2023 will have a significant impact on HR policies within companies, including on recruitment, reward and ESG policies.

Read our latest Newsletter on the topic, written with Sylvie Dumortier, Tax Partner at Claeys & Engels to learn about the potential impact and see what action should to be taken. And act rather sooner than later.

Overcoming the challenges of succession planning in family-owned businesses

Succession planning is indisputably a vital factor for the lasting success of any business. Our latest article examines what sets family business successions apart and how Hoffman helps its clients navigate the transfer of leadership, internally or to non-family leadership.

Delivering Excellence in the Executive Search Industry for 35 Years

An Interview with Hoffman

Ineke Arts Wins Global Award for Excellence in the Executive Search and Leadership Consulting Profession

Business leader recognized as “Beacon in the industry” at the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) annual global conference in London on November 15, 2022



Successfully attracting foreign talent

Belgian employers can now more easily offer an attractive package for the right talent using a new specific tax regime.

Read our latest Newsletter on the topic, written with Sylvie Dumortier, Tax Partner at Claeys & Engels.

Recruiting Executives in a Candidate-driven Market

How Recruiters are overcoming today’s Top Recruiting Challenges

Biotech Talent Management - An industry of major growth

IIC Partners white paper on the global growth in the biotech sector which is particularly strong in Belgium.
For Belgium, Sylvie Ponchaut discusses the impact of the pandemic on cell and gene therapy.