Leadership advisory services

Leadership advisory for positive transformation

Through our long experience in executive search and interim management services, we have sharpened our insights into business operations, leadership styles, organisational culture and team dynamics. This enables us to support our clients in developing the conditions for business excellence, simultaneously focusing on the business, the team and the individuals.

Our clients trust us to support and advise them on crucial leadership decisions, particularly when the organisation is in a period of strategic or cultural transformation. We help them in succession planning, assessing candidates for key roles, developing leaders and improving the effectiveness of management teams.

In this way we help our clients build their capacity to evolve and improve their leadership over time.

Management assessment ­— Identifying the leadership of the future

Hoffman employs a systematic method of assessing managers and executives in order to help clients identify the leadership potential and gaps within their organisation.

Our methodology includes evaluation of individuals’:

  • competences
  • skills and qualifications
  • performance record
  • leadership style
  • leadership record
  • opportunities and potential.

Such assessments are carried out on individuals, teams or across the organisation.

Empowering and inspiring leaders

Handled with professionalism and integrity, management assessment motivates and inspires managers, helping them to develop to their full potential.