Interim management

Expertise for transformation programmes or key initiatives

Engaging an Interim Manager is a fast and cost-effective way of bringing specific, senior management talent into your company to:

  • implement challenging projects, tasks and initiatives
  • manage change
  • plug management gaps.

The Interim Management model can empower an organisation with an added degree of flexibility, expertise and capability.

Interim Management

Rapid access to a specific skill-set

The chosen Interim Manager will have the specific skill set needed for the situation and will typically be in place within a few days of the initial enquiry.


Fast ramp

The combination of the Interim Manager’s expertise and previous experiences means that work begins immediately with little or no learning curve.


The Interim Manager’s approach is to “own and solve” the client’s problem. Tasks are planned and managed using a project management-based approach, ensuring clarity and visibility of progress at all times.


Organisational development

Interim Managers are organisationally neutral. In addition to delivering results, they will bring in new experience, helping to generate a fresh perspective in the organisation.